Plants On Demand

Welcome to Plants On Demand!
Your one stop shop for everything your garden needs. Serving all the beautiful gardens in the Metro Vancouver area.

savetimemoneySave your Time and Save your Money!
Not interested in spending your day off driving around to various garden centres to find the plants you want? Save your self the hassle and have the plants you want brought straight to your garden! With better prices on most plants then the garden centres and free delivery* there’s no reason not to save your time and money.

*free delivery on orders over $100

Keep your car clean!
Don’t be one of those people trying to cram a bunch of plants in to a car when the space clearly isn’t there. You’ll just dirty or damage your car and potentially ruin your plants you just paid for. Have us bring them to you for a better price and save your self the unneeded hassle.

How does it work?
You simply browse our online selection of plants, choose the ones you’d like, and submit your order. Once we have received your order we confirm the availability of everything your looking for, set the order aside, and get back to you to confirm everything. Within a few days or at a specific time of your choosing the plants are dropped off at your garden ready for you to plant!

Looking for something specific you don’t see on our site?
Ask us! Even if we don’t currently have it up on our site odds our that we can find it and get you a price.

Need a larger order?
We can handle any order size and can offer even better prices when you order larger quantities of specific items.