Euphorbia Black Bird

Black Bird Euphorbia


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Euphorbia Black Bird
An evergreen perennial with unique appearing and coloured foliage for all year interest.

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Product Description

An evergreen perennial that forms a clump of multiple stems ringed with succulent like leaves. In late spring to early summer unique bract flowers bloom at the tips of stems. A very hardy plant happy in sun to part shade and typically very drought tolerant. The black bird variety is characterized by darker green foliage with hints of reddish brown and yellow-green flowers.

Additional Information

Latin Name

Euphorbia Black Bird


Darker green with hints of reddish brown

Bloom Colour & Time


Preferred Sun Exposure

Sun to Part Shade

Mature Size

Height: 1-2 feet Spread: 1.5-2 feet

Soil Preferences

Fairly Loamy, Well Drained


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