Arbutus unedo

Arbutus Shrub (Strawberry Tree)


Arbutus unedo
Great all year plant with red fruit for fall interest.

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Product Description

The arbutus is large shrub when fully grown though slower growth makes it manageable in most gardens. With it’s smooth redish bark and rich-green foliage this shrub is pleasing to the eye all year long. Small white flowers of a pitcher shape later grow in to bright vibrant-red ball shaped fruit. Though edible, the fruit is tasteless. A great plant for areas where the wind is constantly blowing.

Additional Information

Latin Name

Arbutus unedo


Vibrant green

Bloom Colour & Time

Small White Flowers, September-November

Mature Size

Spread: 26 feet Height: 26 feet

Soil Preference

Well drained, rich with organics


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